Sintoma #0

O Sintoma não é um sinal, é uma percepção subjetiva. Sintoma é também um grupo de investigação, prática artística e experimentação em Performance ou Live Art, que nasceu no início de 2012 no i2ads, Instituto de Investigação em Arte, Design e

3rd May 2012 | Blog

Dear Reader on Millenium Magazines by MoMA

Dear Reader from Atelier Carvalho Bernau is being currentlydisplayed at the Millennium Magazines exhibition at MoMA. This is an effort from MoMA Library to document and collect a wide range of international publications displayed on the exhibition, all of which have been

2nd May 2012 | Blog

Militant Design

During the next week Serralves will propose a series of debates/conversations regarding the subject “Militant Image” as part of its current exhibition: “MATHIEU KLEYEBE ABONNENC – TO WHOM WHO KEEPS A RECORD” (14 April > 08 July). One of the

2nd May 2012 | Blog

WGD 2012 — Maratona do Design

A propósito do Dia Mundial do Design Gráfico, que se deu no passado dia 27 de Abril, a ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes & Design) de Matosinhos promoveu um evento dedicado ao design gráfico português, o World Graphics Day, que

1st May 2012 | Review

YAGR (You Aint Got Rhythm)

Gilberto Tavares, also known as YAGR (YouAintGotRhythm) is a designer and creative director at Mediacode, a small design studio based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. Mainly designer, once a musician and sometimes a photographer, he discovered a passion for webdesign, logos

30th April 2012 | Designer

A Vida Secreta dos Legumes – Maria Imaginário

The private view of the exhibition “A Vida Secreta dos Legumes” by Maria Imaginário is today by 5pm at Dama Aflita. About the artist Maria Imaginário, 1985 – ∞, Lisbon. It could have been Astronaut Maria, but I thought that

28th April 2012 | Blog

ABOUT Independent Publishing Fair

»We are ABOUT to make history« is the motto of the first ABOUT Independent Publishing Fair in Mainz. This fair for small publishing houses and self-publishers that work within the fields of art and design is taking place from Friday,

27th April 2012 | Blog

Camera Obscura

CAMERA OBSCURA ▸ 00 is the prodigal daughter of Lisa HM. What started out as an experiment to maintain some sanity through the last months of the Communication Design Course, is now evolving into something apparently more consistent. Let’s just

26th April 2012 | Designer