Eurico Sá Fernandes

Founder / Director / Editor

Eurico Sá Fernandes, born in 1991 in a small town near Porto, Portugal. At the age of 14 years old he enrolled on a graphic design vocational course at Escola Artistica e Profissional Árvore. After a gap year he moved in the summer of 2010 to London where he joined the London College of Communication to study graphic design. Alongside this he also began work as a freelancer and started to develop a special interest for typeface design. Recently with Mariana Lobão they formed a studio called Ponto, a place when they can explore the practice, thinking, research and self-publishing on graphic design.

Mariana Lobão

Director / Editor

A 20 year old creative originally from Porto who’s currently living and studying in London. In the field of graphic design, Mariana’s body of work reflects the interest for the areas of publication design, illustration, print & image making.

Fábio Duarte Martins


Born at 2a.m. on Halloween, 1984, Fábio Duarte Martins – son of a Arts and Crafts teacher and grandson of typographer – decided, when still a child, that he would be a medic, starting to read everything he could find on Anatomy.

Scannerlicker! is Fábio Duarte Martins, a Graphic, Media & Type Designer / Art Director, from Portugal.

João Sobral


João Sobral was born in 1991 in Porto, Portugal. His interest on graphic design came after an unsuccessful experience with sciences in high school, when he started feeling attracted to photography, writing and books.
He's currently studying communication design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and he has a self-publishing project named O Panda Gordo (the fat panda, in english).

Maria Louceiro


Maria Louceiro was born in Portugal, Porto. Studied Mining and Geo-Environmental engineering, but found herself loving more drawing and photographing the mines than actually working in them. Currently finishing her degree in Communication Design at ESAD -Matosinhos, she now photographs a lot of things beside the mines.

Nuno Patrício (Vitrio)


Lisbon-based graphic designer Nuno Patricio/ Vitrio (1985) epitomizes all kinds of printed media and internet-art related stuff in a way of digital vs. analog. He has been developing freelance work as well as some personal projects, collaborating with some editorials and more recently, the administration and curatory of 'O Fluxo', a web platform which aims to present graphic design and other creative areas in a more contemporary way.

Braulio Amado


My name is Bráulio Amado. I was born in '87 in a portuguese town called Almada. I'm currently living in Brooklyn and working at Pentagram NYC. I run a small DIY publisher/record label called Sleep City and play in some bands.

Lisa Moura


Officially born to the Communication Design world on 2011, after finishing the course in the Fine-Arts Faculty (Lisbon), Lisa Moura is currently developing her first babysteps...
Proud mother of Camera Obscura and currently working as a communication designer, she doesn't like long walks on the beach but enjoys good conversation and great irony laughs.

Hugo Portinha


Hugo Portinha, born in 1990 and was raised in the city of Tomar. He currently is student in the course Design and Technology of Graphic Arts at IPT (Instituto Politécnico de Tomar). Has a fondness for branding, editorial design, webdesign and illustration. He is also working in a personal project called Mr. Mood that will involve many illustrations and silkscreen prints.

Sergio Alves


Is an emerging young designer based in the city of Porto, northern Portugal.
His main focusses have been on creating posters for cultural events, which allow for greater experimentation and creativity. In the last year he started work more with editorial design having projects like newspapers, magazines and books.
His work have been featured in books and magazines like Viciton:ary, Sandu, Gestalten, Index book, LST, IdN, Computer Arts, New Web Pick and so on. Since 2010 is a member of CCP (Portugal Creative Club) and have some international awards like Design and Design Awards and Graphis Awards.

Marta Veludo


Marta Veludo is a designer and visual artist born in Lisbon (1986). She lives and work in Barcelona. After graduating from MA Communication Design at ELISAVA, she worked has an art director at No-Domain and now, she is currently work at Ana Mirats Studio. She also has collaborated in few projects with new young visual artists & she still has time to explore, experiment and work in self initiated projects.

Daniela Arsénio


Born in '89, from faro.Interests on photography, design , print and publication. Founder of IHateBandages,a DIY collective and support of other dreamers.

Joana Casaca Lemos


Communication Designer between Lisbon, London and the World with a passion for the cultural, social and environmental responsibility of the Designer. MA graduate from University of the Arts London (2008) with a belief in contributing to the challenges the contemporary world imposes. Has an independent practice working to implement responsible design principles to the creative outcomes.

Joana Esteves


Joana was born in a small portuguese town called Viseu in 1989. She graduated in graphic design at ESAD Matosinhos. Currently living in Lisbon she's attending the course of Oficina de Portfólio in IADE. Her work is mainly focused on photography and editorial design.

Rui Torres


Rui Torres is a IPCA's graphic design graduated, he lives and works in Barcelos, Portugal. He's currently in his master's degree in illustration, and setting his freelancer work, under several pseudonyms, among those is Anoik. He is currently working as art director with ZOOM and Avesso and now aims to work with this new feature of Colher.

Mafalda da Luz


Mafalda da Luz (b. 1987) is a graphic designer from Lisbon, Portugal. She holds a Design Degree and a Master’s in Graphic Design both taken at Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon. Recently she finished ALPes – postgraduate program at HEAD – Haute École d’Art et de Design in Geneva, Switzerland, where she had the possibility to improve her skills and to develop some projects based on a balance for an Art in/for the Public Space. After finishing an internship in Geneva with Ninon Carrier and David Zahno, a creative graphic design studio, she is back in Lisbon where she is developing some personal projects.