Colher — inside the portuguese graphic design

“Colher — inside the portuguese graphic design” — reveals a previous undiscovered territory, whose purpose is finding young talent, studios and designers in Portuguese graphic design.

By means of a site, “Colher” is a platform of divulgation. This site is updated everyday and it exposes the work of each participant, which gives him not only an individual interest but also collective.

“Colher” is open to all the students, designers and ateliers that are Portuguese or live in Portugal. You just have to send your portfolio in www.colher.net.

The areas of interest are related to the poster, editorial, typography and illustration.


“Colher” created by the young creative Eurico Sá Fernandes, is an independent and non-profits project and it’s secondary goal is the edition of book about portuguese graphic design.

“Colher” wants to involve you in a journey to Portugal in order to know it’s designers and ateliers, and it’s a trip beyond Portugal’s borders, aiming to spread the portuguese talent inside or outside the mother-country.