Mathéo Joan Ferreira Rodrigues

The agreeably abstract, surreal visual treats from the french/ portuguese image maker Mathéo Joan Ferreira Rodrigues are slowly making a name for himself. This 20 year old creative is constantly questioning matters like harmony and balance between patterns, ornaments and typography, mixing them with several insights from his dual culture. Mathéo works in various different creative fields such as photography, graphic design, animated image (.gif), illustration, sculpture and video and he is currently studying art at the Ecole Supérieur d’Art et Media in Caen, France. Mathéo has already exposed some work as: (1) (2), in a large format so visitors could entering the gallery and watch the works from a relative distance, and then applied to observe closely, one after another. The importance of patterns relay on each person perception, changing with distance, in manner of gray typographical, from far we see the masses, the balance, the harmony and from the detail of each pattern which consists the composition. Besides his personal multitude of grayscale textures, one of our favorite works would definitely be the full-colour video arrangement “Ultrasound of a bug on youtube“, his contribution for the Phone Arts collective.