Filipe Matos/ G3

Filipe Matos, aka G3, is a multidisciplinary artist with an incredibly engaging portfolio. Filipe’s work encompasses a broad range of disciplines, from graphic design in companies like Optimus to web and social networks appropriations. Here’s what this facebook explorer has to say for himself:


Major influences – Jodi and Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG
Greater experimental workflow since 2008 moment when you register at facebook, network operations, creating characters, appropriating errors platform, interaction between characters>
eg: duel between two characters (Filipe Matos and Ripley)>
appearing later in the form of a reborn Christ>
immediate past> BranchOut application (kind of linkedin)>
Facebook in January 2012 deletes the account of Hal 9000 with the justification that the account does not have an ID>
BranchOut application was active … (one week ago) someone added me, getting there with a free application, that application was registered as filipe matos, the new account I created as filipe matos added the Filipe Matos>
no email>