Rui Torres is a IPCA graduated graphic designer, developing design work and illustration under pseudonym (among others) of Anoik, which in Inca mythology presents itself as a giant eagle with a thousand hands, used to draw the landscape. Apart from that, Anoik likes working illustration closely with Music, trying to capture the essence of this art form, apparently without graphic translation, in small detail, metaphors or visual gags, as can be seen in several of his projects. Worth of notice are his projects, with gallery and restaurant, Avesso and cineclub ZOOM. However he aims to approach illustration e other ways, like T-shirt’s illustrated collections (The Vincent Crow limited edition by Anoik), various illustrated objects collections (Avesso’s MUJI illustrated collections) and collaborations with other illustrators and artists, such as Cátia Vidinhas and Artur Durão.