Mariana, A Miserável – Interview

«Colher- inside the portuguese design» is a plataform of divulgation that can be followed on-line in Along each number of JUP, you will meet a university student whose area is the Graphic Design and that is studying in Porto.

20th April 2011 | Interviews, JUP

Mariana, A Miserável – entrevista

Colher é uma plataforma de divulgação do Design Gráfico Português que pode ser acompanhada on-line em Ao longo de cada número do JUP vamos dar a conhecer um estudante universitário do Porto a frequentar a área do design gráfico.

20th April 2011 | Interviews, JUP

Bela Ferreira / Intervention

Bela Ferreira is a 2nd year student of BA Graphic Product Innovation programme at London College of Communication. Recently she had work in spacial intervention at LCC, that’s why we decide speak with her to know more about her and

6th April 2011 | Blog, Interviews

A.K.A. Corleone

A.K.A. Corleone is the creative alter-ego of Peter Campiche , a young designer and a “struggling to be a full-time” illustrator. Has developed projects from Lisbon, Caldas da …

19th December 2010 | Interviews