Serrote new book

The people from Serrote have a new book called “Romanceiro Tradicional”. “Adultery, violent death, incest, betrayal, poisoning and defamation are the ingredients of the Romanceiro Tradicional.* Thirty ballads with origins from the 16th century were rewritten and illustrated by a

6th May 2011 | Blog

Push Click group show teaser

Push Click open today at Montana Store Lisbon There was a time when playing video games was all about spending all your change in those dark places known as Arcades or becoming someones best friend because he had that console

5th May 2011 | Blog

Comunicar Design 8 teaser

O Comunicar Design 2011 é um evento organizado por alunos e docentes do curso de Design Gráfico e Multimédia da Escola Superior de Arte e Design de Caldas da Rainha | ESAD.Cr, a decorrer durante os dias 10, 11 e

3rd May 2011 | Blog

Dizer Design

Dizer Design is a very good blog about Portuguese peripheral graphic design. Is blog posts are mostly about opinion and they trying to understand the differences in the education, opportunities, exhibition and other things between a large city and a

1st May 2011 | Blog

INÊS FERREIRA at Pensão Favorita

Today will be marked with the opening of another Dama Aflita’s exhibition at Pensão Favorita. This time “Feeble Features” by Inês Ferreira beginning at 5pm, don’t miss it.

30th April 2011 | Blog

Colher’s Shop

The Colher’s Shop is already online with a bunch of nice prints and also our first publication for pre-order just until Monday night! Pre-order our first publication and receive a free linocut print, shipping included.

28th April 2011 | Blog

Memories of the Future Teaser

First Solo show by Kruella D’Enfer (Angela Ferreira). Carhartt Lisboa, Bairro Alto 29/04 – 29/05 Opening April 29th until May 29th. MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE is the result of Kruella D’Enfer fascination and obsession with the occult, supernatural world and

27th April 2011 | Blog

Colher x Paper Toys – Winner

Marta Pois is the winner of our contest with 85 likes. Congratulations! She will receive a lino-cut print by Eurico Sá Fernandes. related: /blog/colher-x-paper-toys-–-like-time/ /blog/colher-x-paper-toys-contest/

26th April 2011 | Blog