Fábio Duarte Martins

Born at 2a.m. on Halloween, 1984, Fábio Duarte Martins – son of a Arts and Crafts teacher and grandson of typographer – decided, when still a child, that he would be a medic, starting to read everything he could find on Anatomy. Scannerlicker! is Fábio Duarte Martins, a Graphic, Media & Type Designer / Art Director, from Portugal.
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Rita Araújo

Rita Araújo is a young portuguese graphic designer from Porto. Focusing on editorial design, Rita is finishing her MA in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. She currently collaborates with

28th September 2011 | Designer

Nuno Sousa

Nuno Sousa is a graphic designer from Porto with some awesome illustration skills.

27th September 2011 | Designer

Would Prefer Not To

Would Prefer Not To is a two-girl studio (Isabel Duarte and Maria João Macedo) based in Porto, working on Graphic Design. They also direct and design Voca magazine, which is worth of having a look.

24th March 2011 | Studio


As the portuguese followers of Colher may have noticed, we marked today as the announcement day for the female illustration contest that opened on the 14th, a co-lab between JUP and Colher. So, the winner of this contest will be

21st October 2010 | Blog

João Oliveira

João Oliveira is a young (and sleek) designer based in Porto.

5th October 2010 | Designer

+2 Designers

Highly consistent work from +2 Designers, a studio based in Lisbon and founded in 2006. Even in more commercial work, there is something experimental about their work. Top.

29th September 2010 | Studio

Marcelo Oliveira

Absolutly incredible type treatments and illustrations by Marcelo Oliveira, a young designer from Porto.

17th September 2010 | Designer