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Joana e Mariana

Joana Baptista Costa and Mariana Leão are graphic designers and researchers, attending a PhD in Art and Design. They work together since 2000, studying and writing papers about graphic design and national identity at the same time. Working as a

23rd May 2011 | Studio

Gonçalo Campos

Gonçalo Campos is a young portuguese product designer that is exploring great criative possibilities of design through function and material. After his graduation in 2008, Gonçalo joined Fabrica, Benetton’s communications research centre, in the design department. In 2009 he worked

20th May 2011 | Look Around

Daniela Pais

Daniela Pais is a portuguese fashion designer from Lisbon. She had her B.A from the fashion department at Faculdade de Arquitectura – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, in 2002. In the same year, she co-founded Krv Kurva together with designer Jorge

19th May 2011 | Look Around

Atelier Pedro Falcão

Pedro Falcão is a portuguese designer that lives and works in Lisbon. He started at Secretonix as a graphic designer in 1995 till 2005 and in the next year he founded the Atelier Pedro Falcão. Since then, he has taught

18th May 2011 | Studio

Rui Ribeiro

Rui Ribeiro is a portuguese graphic designer freshly arrived to Portugal after three years of living in the United Kingdom. Having studied two years at ESAD he moved to BIAD, Birmingham, where he studied for another two years and finished his

17th May 2011 | Designer

We Work For Knowledge

We Work For Knowledge is a graphic design studio that believes in communication as a way of spreading knowledge. Rui Moreira and Rui Magalhães met each other in college and they’ve also worked together in some studios at Barcelona, Amsterdam

16th May 2011 | Studio

Atelier Carvalho Bernau

Kai Bernau and the portuguese designer Susana Carvalho set up Atelier Carvalho Bernau, a graphic design studio based in Den Haag, Netherlands during their Type and Media design masters degrees in the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag, in

14th May 2011 | Studio


Oporto is a non-profit screening room dedicated to experimental film media located in Lisbon. As its name suggests (the port), this project takes place at the former Merchant Sailors Union headquarters in Lisbon. Oporto projects from time to time a

13th May 2011 | Look Around