pli – arte & design é uma revista trimestral editada pela ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design. Focando-se no actual campo expandido do design, pretende divulgar, reflectir, produzir e fazer circular conteúdos ligados à produção teórica e prática

29th June 2011 | Blog


OFFF’2011 . Let’s feed the future, a outcome in the shape of a chronicle Have you ever felt a sensation of littleness? A sensation so uncomfortable that keeps you thinking for a long time. This sensation and a mixture of

26th June 2011 | Blog, Review

We are Ready for our [Close-Up] 2011

We are Ready for our [Close-Up] is an event organized by final year students from art universities in Porto (FBAUP & ESAD) that consists in the public exposition of their work. It is believed to be the final stage of

24th June 2011 | Blog

Dama Aflita Interview

Dama Aflita is one of my favorite Portuguese galleries. Born about three years ago, it is in a good shape, it is located in Rua da Picaria in the center of Porto. It focuses on the illustration and on the

20th June 2011 | Interviews

Dama Aflita Entrevista

Dama Aflita, uma das minhas galerias portuguesas preferidas,tem cerca de dois anos, a caminhar para os três, de boa saúde, está situada na Rua da Picaria, no centro do Porto. Tendo como foco a ilustração e o desenho, ainda hoje

20th June 2011 | Interviews

Miguel Sousa

Miguel Sousa aka “heymikel” is a final year graphic design student at IPCA. He was born in Penafiel but it was in the town of the rooster where he continued his formation. As regular activities he draws compulsively in his

19th June 2011 | Student

Margarida Girão

Born in Sertã, in the middle of the punk movement, Margarida wanted to be a journalist and so she went to Coimbra to study Latin, but then she knew she was wrong and decided to study New Technologies of Communication

16th June 2011 | Designer

Beach London Online Shop

Great News for Colher! Beach, a new friendly bookshop and gallery in London that will open on the 7th of July, has launched their online shop, where you can find Colher’s publication – Portuguese Illustration – among other goods If

15th June 2011 | Blog