Look Around

“Look Around” is an extension of Colher. This section will be showing the work arround the portuguese graphic design, giving change of show the work of other people out of graphic design. In this section we will be featuring people

7th April 2011 | Blog, Look Around

Bela Ferreira / Intervention

Bela Ferreira is a 2nd year student of BA Graphic Product Innovation programme at London College of Communication. Recently she had work in spacial intervention at LCC, that’s why we decide speak with her to know more about her and

6th April 2011 | Blog, Interviews

Christina Casnellie – Dama Aflita


6th April 2011 | Blog

MA CD ESAD at Grafik

Miguel Almeida, Sílvia Fernandes, Joana Seiça, Albert Jornet and Bea Bascuñán, students of the MA Communication Design course at ESAD (Matosinhos), were featured in the Live Brief section with a six page review at Grafik Mag. This review shows their response to

5th April 2011 | Blog

Bea Bascuñán

Bea is from Spain, however she is currently a student of the MA Communication Design course at ESAD. She was featured in the last issue of Grafik Mag.

5th April 2011 | Student


MAJA BABI? KOŠIR talks today at 6pm at Galeria Dama Aflita about his exhibition…

2nd April 2011 | Blog