Carolina Bagulho

Born in Lisbon, studies Graphic Design at FBAUP and is currently living, studying and working as an intern in São Paulo on a studio named nudesign.

13th January 2011 | Student

5º Behance Meet Up

Olá a todos 😉 O Próximo encontro da Behance-In-Portugal vai ser inteiramente dedicado a todos os criativos da Behance. O encontro vai ter como nome Behance-Folio-Night, e vai ser mais uma grande noite onde a criatividade vai predominar. Todos os

11th January 2011 | Blog

Presentation of Close-up 2011

Tomorrow, January 11th, ESAD Matosinhos will host the presentation of the 2nd edition of the project “We are ready for our Close-up”. Last year Close-up consisted in the graduation show of students at FBAUP and Colher was invited to do

10th January 2011 | Blog

Maria Helena

Graduated by ESAD in 2003, Maria Helena is a graphic designer and illustrator from Porto. She’s specialised in illustration, and her work has been exposed in a lot of countries such as France or China. Since 2007 she is running

10th January 2011 | Designer

Eduardo Rodrigues

Eduardo Rodrigues is a graphic designer from Barcelos, Portugal. He is currently studing Digital Arts and Multimedia on ESAD and also collaborating with Undergraph, an agency located in Barcelos.

5th January 2011 | Designer